If you are like most residents, you likely don’t think about your home’s plumbing lines because they remain far out of sight. However, once your water pressure halts to a trickle, or you see rust coming directly from the taps, you know that there is something wrong.
Even the most durable plumbing lines will need replacement eventually, and copper and PVC pipes are among the most frequently used. Whether they are experiencing natural wear and tear or have recently gotten physically damaged, you need a better quality of repair services now.
All Star Plumbing Chicago remains your best choice in convenient and affordable repiping services. We can inspect and replace your home’s pipes wherever they might stay, from exterior lines heading into the house or bathroom, kitchen, and other room needs.
When you discover faulty plumbing pipes, you can’t wait another moment. Call us today for faster repair services for your home.


Copper piping remains the preferred material choice in many applications. As a softer metal alloy, it conducts heat well, and it provides many years of dedicated service for many fixtures.

PVC piping is affordable and versatile, making it a favorited option for many installation teams. However, because it isn’t as durable as metal pipes, they often develop problems sooner.

Whatever material of piping is giving you trouble, our team can locate and replace them all. By carefully removing the worn-out section of pipes and exchanging it for a new set, it paves the way for many years of leak-free plumbing.

Depending on the severity and scope of your job, the process can take one day or several to complete, and we will need to cut into your drywall. However, All Star Plumbing Chicago guarantees your best repairs on every service call.

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