When the summer heat rolls in, few things are as refreshing as a cold glass of water, tea, or lemonade.
However, what happens when your ice maker winds up having your beverage tasting like old bath water?
Over time, your ice maker lines, dishwasher plumbing, and other items require maintenance to clear out any obstructions or lingering bacteria. Otherwise, the things that you need to stay sanitized can wind up keeping you feeling ill.
Changing out drain lines is a typical maintenance need that all homeowners have eventually. Choosing All Star Plumbing Chicago is the quick and affordable wall to keep your ice and dishes cleaner for less.
When you notice odd smells and tastes, or your dishes aren’t feeling as clean as they should, you need us for your home today. Call now for the best in local dishwasher and ice maker line services.


Although an appliance’s drain line is a simple enough item to replace, problems are often the result of other issues further in the system. As a result, those homeowners hoping it was just the cheap plastic tube that was the problem are quickly disappointed.

Instead, our team provides complete installation and replacements for any drain line issues. We know you need to rely on your systems to remain free of clogs, mildew growth, and common concerns, and we offer faster service each time.

Let us assist you with all your items and rest easy knowing your appliances remain in good hands. We can best help you with all your drain line needs, including:

  • Refrigerator Ice Makers
  • Stand Alone Ice Makers
  • Dishwasher Lines
  • Clogged Lines
  • New Pipe Installation
  • Frozen Line Service
  • Hot & Cold Water Lines
  • New Valve Installation
  • System Troubleshooting
  • And more drain line repair services.

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