Everyone has suffered through dripping faucets, but not all sink issues are as obvious. If a sink unit leaks into the space behind the wall, or one that is slow, can last a while before you notice it.
Whether it’s making noise, spraying from the nozzle, or otherwise not acting the way it was intended, you need faucet and sink repair to prevent water damage from forming.
Whatever your situation, All Star Plumbing Chicago guarantees the best repair services and affordable pricing every day. There’s no need to fret when you discover issues with your kitchen, bathroom, or utility sinks, or anywhere else that you have basins.
Whether the problem lies in the plumbing lines or in the fixture itself, we remain the top choice for complete repair services. Contact us and save more on your convenient technicians today.


Most of the time, faucets show signs of trouble from standard daily use. Minerals in the water supply can clog and erode plumbing, making it difficult for water to flow through correctly.

Whether it prevents the faucet from repressing water while it’s off or it won’t come out of the line correctly, there are a surprising number of items that can go wrong. When you need a new faucet cartridge, new water taps knobs or even a new sink basin and faucet set installed, we can do it all.

Our contractors have the level of skill that you need to clear away any obstructions, as well as prevent your sleep form getting interrupted by dripping again. We can maintain, repair, and replace any broken items, saving you more on every service.

No matter your sinks and faucets’ location or how severe their problems, All Star Plumbing Chicago always achieve the best quality.

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