After finishing another satisfying meal, you dump the rest of the food scraps into your drain, flick the garbage disposal switch, and nothing happens. Now you have a disposal full of wet food and a countertop stacking up with dirty dishes.
When you need garbage disposal repair, it’s usually at the least convenient moments that issues arise.
Luckily for you, All Star Plumbing Chicago is always the best choice for your repair needs.
Whether your garbage disposal remains clogged, isn’t responding, or otherwise isn’t performing the way that it should, we always discover the cause of your concerns. From standard maintenance needs to complete unit replacements, we still have the best solutions possible for your kitchen.
You no longer have to spend hours attempting to clear out and fix your disposal. Instead, our team can make all your repair services simple with just one call.


Thankfully many repairs for garbage disposals stays a straightforward process. Unlike many plumbing fixture types, garbage disposals usually only have a couple of chambers, and the piping only leads away from the sink.

As a result, it limits how far we need to go into your overall plumbing system to fix the problem, allowing for faster repairs when things go wrong. No matter what is causing your disposal to fail, our experienced repair technicians are prepared to help.

We can get your system grinding again, and we carry replacement parts for many standard brand names.

Call us for all your disposal repair needs and save more on:

  • Damaged Blades
  • Frozen Motor
  • Clogged Disposal
  • Garbage Disposal Leaks
  • New Unit Installation
  • Replacement Garbage Disposals
  • And more.

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