Have you ever attempted to enjoy a refreshingly hot shower after a cold Chicago day? And has the water pressure suddenly disappeared, or the temperature of the tap plummeted?
Sooner or later, every homeowner will encounter this frustrating scenario. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of their shower’s valves, or that they require service before too long.
Whatever is causing your shower from working incorrectly, All Star Plumbing Chicago has a fast and affordable solution. From maintenance and troubleshooting to total valve replacements, we offer it all for less daily.
Call us whenever you discover plumbing fixtures that aren’t working how they should. No one else knows their way around shower valves like our plumbing professionals.


Your shower works by turning the temperature control faucet, which diverts water from the valve in the wall to where you are standing. The water passes through a cartridge, which prevents it from spraying in the transitional area.

However, if the valve won’t completely open or lock, it leads to water loss before it enters your stall. Not only is that wasteful, but it will likely cause water damage and mildew growth behind the wall.

Whatever seems to be causing your situation, our team of experienced service technicians knows how to best correct it. Choose us for all your shower valve service needs, such as:

  • Fluctuating Water Temperature
  • Inconsistent Water Pressure
  • Shower Valve Leaks
  • New Valve Installation
  • Replacement Shower Valve
  • Shower Valve System Repairs
  • Missing Rubber Gaskets
  • New Shower Cartridges
  • Thermostatic Valves
  • Manual Shower Valves
  • Leak Detection
  • And more shower valve solutions.

Whether your home has one shower giving you grief or it seems time to repair and maintain several at once, our team remains the best choice for you. Contact All Star Plumbing Chicago today for all your repairs.

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